A Commitment to Excellence in International Legal Services

     James Nobles LLC is committed to providing quality international legal services to our clients.  Since few situations in the international business area are the same, our approach is to view each client and transaction in a unique light so as to facilitate a "fresh look" at the issues presented.  We welcome the opportunity to take a creative, innovative approach to solving a client's international legal challenges.

     We believe that the legal advisor should work with the client to identify the benefits and risks of a proposed course of action and, when appropriate, suggest alternative ways to achieve a client's international business objectives.  With this information, the client is in the best position to make a good, well informed business decision.

     To obtain optimum tax and financial efficiency, we work closely with our clients' other domestic and foreign attorneys, tax accountants and financial advisors.  In fact, over the years, we have developed several strong relationships with foreign legal and financial advisors in many countries who routinely assist us in providing services to our clients.  When necessary, we bring in other professionals in order to provide the client with turnkey international services.

     Although we always look for creative means of meeting our clients' goals and objectives, we also rely on proven financial structures and techniques to service our clients.  While one of our objectives is to lower our client's total worldwide tax burden to the lowest permissible rates, we do so in a manner that is within the bounds of the law.  We avoid gimmicks and unnecessarily risky structures which will likely cause our clients problems.

     James Nobles LLC is committed to the rule of law.  We strongly believe that the financial, political and physical well being of the citizens of the world is dependent upon the further establishment of the rule of law.